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  1. Hey watched your video today on youtube. That was amazing !

  2. I am 50, I have no skills except maybe telepathy, please teach me how to levitate so I can have a source of income.

  3. hi,
    thank you for inspiring everyone to be positive in viewing life.
    and God bless you more to and stay strong on dealjng with those skeptics.
    i admire your talent and balancing skills.
    and you are a great teacher.
    never let negativity comes your way, coz you know it can drag you down and for sure you’ll focused on what you’re doing.
    -a fan

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  5. Duke de Montosier

  6. from lat. manus – “hand” and scribo – “I write”) ]

  7. Manuscript is a collective name for texts

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  10. Since the era of Charlemagne

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