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For booking a Virtual Magic show Email me: To book a live show email my agent at: PH: 407-925-4107
for further inquires on the contact form Show styles include: 45 Min Magic Stage Show,   Close Up Roaming Magic, Tesla Coil Levitation Show, Ambient Performer,


45 Min Magic Stage Show

This is an inspirational magic show for all ages. The show incorporates magic into story telling in English, Including human levitation as seen on America’s Got Talent. (No Telsa coil). Perfect for stage shows with of audiences of 50- 300 people. There can be magic performed  While Special Head sings Louis Armstrong “What a wonderful World”and other songs. If venue permits, the show can also include fire eating and small pyrotechnics. For specific tech requirements please email:  email See reel On side>

Danny Specialhead Wolverton Special Head Shot Levitation

Tesla Coil Levitation and Show

This is a spectacular demonstration of magic and science in which a Tesla Coil is harnessed to create many effects including levitation. A Tesla Coil is a large device that shoots DC electricity out into the air. This Electricity is channeled through the Body of the performer and out the extremities and resembles shooting electricity out of finger tips. This is a technically involved performance. Specific venue requirements are necessary. Including electrical capacity and space. Please Email for specifications.

 10153015_684793711566332_822365967_n IMG_0557


Live Looping Beat Boxing With Magic

Think Reggie Watts Meets David Blain. Special Head creates music live entirely by beat boxing through effects and looping different tracks.  Then He sings about the magic while he is performing it . Songs include What a Wonderful World By Louis Armstrong and Original Works.

Ambient Performer.

This is a performance character that either wanders or stays in a specific area for a duration of time. Character interacts with

guests in a funny way. Perfect for themed parties and corporate events.

Characters include:

.        Human statue                       Old Man                     Levitating Statue                                Old Man Vegas Show Girl                          Special Head Levitating,

Danny Wolverton LA 09  old man picture  977633_10151458167448723_1739284941_o  IMG_0795  Special Head Album Cover

Anarchestra, Band of Sculpture Instruments

The Anarchestra a collection of over 100one of a kind metal instruments. The Anarchestra can be set up as a performance piece or set up as an interactive art instalation for the guests to play themselves. The whole ensemble can be tunes to the same key making it impossible for amateurs to hit the wrong notes. The Anarchestra can be anywhere from four to 20 individual instruments and PA is included. It can also accompany the Tesla Coil show.


Acting Danny Wolverton is also an on camera actor who studied at Stella Adler acting school. He specializes in character roles. See Acting reel.


Close Up Roaming Magic

This is perfect for Restaurants or social parties. Wolverton strolls in environment and offers guest mini close up magic shows to receptive attendants. Feather levitation included.


Hidden Camera Practical Jokes 

Danny Wolverton and his team. Specialize in using magic and realistic disguises to pull jokes on unsuspecting people. Prank your friends Co-workers, family, or your own party and film reactions for reminiscing later. Great for bachelor and retirement parties.

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  1. Hi
    I am Shakti from (INDIA). I Think U have to try the other element.
    Like Air,Fire & water.Bcz u got the kee of floating.
    This is not a small thing to control the Gravitional Force of Earth.
    It mens U got the formula to know more about the Earth Element.

  2. Hello. Thanks for what you do! Do you have a Paypal address I can donate too? Please post it on the home pages of all your sites. Especially here and on Youtube. Also, your newsletter subscription form is not working for me. I tried Firefox and Chrome.

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